History of Company H.R. Heinicke

H.R. Heinicke was founded in 1883 in Chemnitz, Germany. The company's original production was to build chimneys by using bricks and constructing fluegas channels by using fire-resistant materials.

In 1900 a dependence in Montana, USA was founded. One of the built chimneys reached the famous height of 70 metres which was very remarkable in that times - H.R. Heinicke became well known all over the world.

Later on H.R. Heinicke company developed refuse incineration plants for industry and hospitals to incinerate waste material.

In the time following the 2nd world war the most important task was to replace power plants to generate electrical energy.

The head-office was refounded in 1958 in Stadthagen, Germany. The main business was the building of furnaces and the development of flat-bed furnaces and cremation plants under consideration of the requirement of the German legislation. Especially the important role of environment protection needed a lot of improvements for the plants to operate in accordance with the strong regulation prevailed in Germany.

H.R. Heinicke developed to a specialized company for design, implementation and reconstruction of cremation plants . More than hundred plants based on the H · R · Heinicke know-how have been built yet and are still successful in operation. The latest development of H.R. Heinicke is the coffin insertion machine adapted to the flat-bed cremator with integrated automatic ash sweeping device.

Since 2001 the head-office is located in a new building in the City of Verden, Germany.