Flue Gas Cleaning

Flue gases caused by the cremation are chilled by flowing through the flue gas heat exchanger. There is one chiller for each cremation line. Via the subsequent cyclone filter which works by using the force of gravity larger dust particles and sparks within the flue gases are carried out. The flue gas itself leaves the cyclone and is led to the filter (e.g. flat bag filter) . The flue gases are cleaned there by using additives which are available in the reactor of the filter plant and the subordinate filter elements. The quality of the cleaned flue gas (cleaned gas) is measured by the ejection instrumentation (CO, O2 and dust) realized in the filter plant and flue gas fan and recorded by the ejection evaluating arithmetician device. Coming from the induced draught fan the cleaned gases are discharged to atmosphere through the chimney installation.

The flue gas heat exchanger is cleaned automatically by using a soot-blower. The filter bags of the filter plant are cleaned automatically depending on differential pressure. The cleaning works by using compressed air - dry and oil-free.